Workplace Responsibility Safety, Training, and Culture

At Carrizo, we view our people as an investment in the Company’s future. We understand that human capital is critical to our success; thus, we recruit experienced, self-motivated, and results-oriented professionals who wish to support our corporate mission while being given unique opportunities to develop their knowledge, skills, and abilities. We provide equal employment opportunities to everyone and are firm in our efforts to provide a work environment free from discrimination and harassment. We recruit, retain, train, and promote employees without regard to race, color, religious creed, gender, national origin, age, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, marital status, sexual orientation, political alignment or activity, status as a veteran, or any other category protected by law. It is our policy to comply with all applicable state and local laws governing non-discrimination in employment in the areas where we have operations. Our policies apply to all applicable terms and conditions of employment. Additionally, we expect our contractors to comply with our workplace policies and safety guidelines as it applies to their duties.

Carrizo Policies and Programs Handbook

We encourage our employees to collaborate with all levels of the organization, take ownership of their work results, and make decisions as long-term shareholders and stakeholders of the Company. We strive to create a culture that makes Carrizo an employer of choice. Our employees enjoy highly rewarding careers and share in the success of the Company. Our growth and success over the years are a direct result of having a workforce that seeks challenges and finds opportunities while working well as a team and caring for each other’s safety and well-being.

Hydraulic Fracturing 2

Carrizo employs more than 240 professionals, with more than 58% of the staff in petrotechnical roles in the disciplines of Engineering, Geology, Land, Technical Support, and Field Operations. Our executive and management team averages 30 years of experience while our technical and operational teams average more than 16 years of industry experience working for companies such as Shell, Chevron, Hess, Anadarko, BP, Continental Resources, and Devon Energy.

The cyclical nature of our business requires us to build a company that can respond to macroeconomic changes quickly and perform during cycle troughs and peaks. By focusing on maintaining a highly-skilled, entrepreneurial staff and continuing to invest in their development, we position ourselves to withstand industry downturns. We pride ourselves in having a high retention rate over the last 25 years as a Company. The average tenure of our staff exceeds six years of service with Carrizo. We take a conservative approach to hiring additional staff and keep the business needs of the Company in mind. If the need to hire additional staff arises, our Employee Referral Program incentivizes our current staff to recommend candidates they have worked with at previous companies who would fit well in our Company culture.

Workplace Responsibility

Professional development begins within a few months after an employee’s first day and continues through every stage of their career with Carrizo. Continuous improvement in technical, professional, and interpersonal development is an investment we encourage our managers and staff to make through various opportunities such as:

  • Leadership development training
  • Emerging supervisory training
  • Discipline-specific development training
  • On-site or computer-based training in the areas of Safety, IT, Human Resources, and Compliance
  • Courses offered by an accredited institution to maintain certification status
  • Seminars, e-learning, and conferences
  • Membership in professional organizations

Since 2017, our employees have received over 1,600 hours of onsite training.

To help facilitate our employees’ growth, supervisors and employees are encouraged to collaborate throughout the year formally and informally regarding the employee’s goals and accomplishments and the demonstration of Carrizo’s Core Competencies. Specifically, the annual performance management process is designed to:

  • Align individual and team goals to Carrizo’s business plans and strategy
  • Provide a disciplined approach towards setting and achieving business objectives and managing to the desired outcome
  • Give managers and employees a more formal opportunity to collaborate on performance results for the previous review period and expectations for the future
  • Provide a method to convey positive reinforcement of results/accomplishments and demonstration of Carrizo’s Core Competencies
  • Provide clear feedback about skills and competencies for personal and professional development or improvement
  • Reward employees for their contributions
  • Reinforce Carrizo’s values and culture

Carrizo's Core Competencies

  • Ethics and Accountability
  • Communication Skills
  • Job Knowledge and Development
  • Teamwork
  • Work Planning and Results Focus
  • Business Alignment
  • Safety and Environmental Focus
  • Leadership
  • Management Skills

Core Competency Definitions

Carrizo is proud to provide a full slate of benefits outside the normal scope of medical and dental benefits to help our employees and their families manage life outside of the office. Health Advocate is designed to help our employees handle health care and insurance-related issues by cutting through barriers that so often create frustration and problems. Teladoc helps connect our employees to a U.S. board-certified doctor through the convenience of a phone, video, or mobile app visit 24-hours a day. In 2018, we partnered with Airrosti to provide our employees an alternative to conventional care and established a paternity and adoption leave benefit.

Carrizo’s Legal Service Plan is a form of legal insurance designed to meet the most common legal needs. This service gives our employees the ability to talk to an attorney on any subject matter without worrying about high hourly costs. We also offer an identity theft shield program that provides monitoring and recovery services should an employee experience identity theft. When it comes to traveling, our employees automatically receive travel assistance services provided by On Call International, a program designed to respond to most medical care situations and other emergencies they may encounter when traveling internationally.

To help with transition, we also offer outplacement services to employees who are involuntarily terminated, not for cause. In addition, we have a severance program to protect employees in the event they are involuntarily terminated other than for cause in connection with a merger or sale of the Company.


Safety is a top priority for our Company and as such, we promote a safe working environment for both our employees and our contractors. Success in this area requires everyone to put safety at the forefront. Our Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) team leads this effort by providing expertise, training, and support through ongoing training, as well as continuing education and performance monitoring. Some examples of our EH&S training classes are:

  • Hydrogen Sulfide
  • First Aid, CPR
  • Fire Prevention, Protection, and Emergency Planning
  • NORM, SPCC, and Hazardous Communication
  • Accident Prevention

We measure the performance of our safety program by our Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) which represents the number of recordable incidents per 200,000 man hours. TRIR is considered the industry standard for safety benchmarking. As a result of our efforts, we have been able to maintain a highly competitive TRIR.

Total Recordable Incident Rate
(Incidents per 200,000 work-hours)
2018 2017 2016
0.42 0.85 0.00

Our field operations and corporate technical staff receive EH&S training as appropriate, and we have EH&S representatives assigned to area operations to help ensure our EH&S requirements are being met by our employees. Our commitment to safety extends to contractors as well. Carrizo uses various third-party databases, such as PEC Safety, and Company protocols across the organization to pre-qualify potential contractors. Through PEC Safety, contractors are required to pass certain safety assessments before they are hired. As a Carrizo contract employee, these individuals also agree to abide by the Company’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct.

Contractors are an integral part of Carrizo’s business, and their well-being and safety is similarly a priority. Depending on the type of service or work, contractors are required to maintain specific safe work practices. Therefore, we require all contractors who work on Carrizo locations to have safety programs that are compatible with Carrizo standards and we encourage them to participate in the Company’s Behavioral Based Safety Program. As an added step, we conduct a minimum of six contractor assessments each year to confirm safety performance. In order to further incentivize a safe workplace, we sometimes tie contractor bonus compensation to their safety record.

Continuous Improvement

At Carrizo, we are committed to excellence in EH&S. We believe that every task can be completed injury free. This belief and commitment helps us work towards our goal of zero incidents and injuries across the workforce. We have many EH&S policies in place to help us manage risks associated with our operations. At a minimum, our policies comply with all local, state, and federal regulations governing our business in order to help protect the health and safety of the communities where we operate. Our EH&S team regularly reviews our policies, as well as our Health and Safety Manual, to ensure they are relevant to the ever-changing dynamics of our industry. These policies and manuals are readily available to employees.

EH&S impacts many parts of our business. To help manage the EH&S process, we are developing an in-house process similar to our LDAR Program. This management system will allow the Company to streamline processes and increase transparency in order to raise awareness and accountability so we can continue improving our overall EH&S program. Currently, we perform incident reviews throughout our operations and voluntary compliance audits in order to thoroughly review response and safety protocols in order to enhance Carrizo’s EH&S standards. These audits are performed on our facilities and measure leading indicators such as near misses, observations, and corrective actions. They allow us to be more transparent about how we are staying in compliance with state and federal regulations and also help ensure proper and efficient operations. The rigs we lease are also regularly inspected to help ensure the equipment is as safe as possible for our employees and contractors.

At Carrizo, we take a proactive approach to EH&S risks with the help of our safety committees. We have safety committees in each of our offices. Our regional office safety committees are comprised of field and office personnel while our corporate office safety committee is comprised of management and team members. These committees meet on a monthly basis to take a proactive look at potential EH&S risks and propose ways to help manage or reduce those risks.

Continuous Improvement

We value all contributions to workplace safety and recognize that safety achievements happen in a number of different ways. Our Safety Awards Program, launched in 2017, recognizes our employees for being responsible for their safety and the safety around them. It also recognizes employees when they are creative in their approach to safety.