At Carrizo, we are committed to being a good corporate citizen in the communities where we live and work. We seek to be a good neighbor, which is why we engage with the local community to understand their concerns and interests, learn their expectations, and develop mutually-beneficial relationships.

Community Engagement

Our operations are currently focused in rural areas, which minimize the impact of things such as light, noise, and odor disruptions to the local community. We engage with our landowners to make sure we are balancing the development of the natural resources on their land with their use of the surface. This includes working with them to adjust activity levels in order to reduce congestion during agreed upon periods.

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In the past, we have operated in more densely populated areas, such as the Barnett Shale in Texas. When we operate in such areas, our teams are actively engaged with the local community. During our Barnett Shale development, we routinely hosted town hall meetings to provide updates and hear local concerns. We installed sound walls around our facilities and utilized hospital grade mufflers to reduce noise. It is our policy to address all concerns brought forth by those who are impacted by our operations and work towards finding a suitable resolution. We believe that being a good operator means working with the community to resolve their concerns and rectify the situation to the best of our ability.

Local Spending

Our operations generate positive economic development through job creation, capital investment, and tax payments to local municipalities, as well as payments to royalty owners. In the last five years, we have paid more than $140 million in taxes, excluding federal income tax, which has helped fund infrastructure projects, education efforts, and safety services for our local communities. And even though many products and services in our industry are supplied by national and global companies, we seek to source local supplies and services of the same quality whenever economically and operationally prudent in order to support local businesses.

local spending

Corporate Giving

Our community outreach programs also seek to support various community, education, and public service initiatives. We take pride in empowering our employees to direct where our corporate dollars go within these local communities. Our commitment not only helps us maintain long-term benefits for our stakeholders but also continues to strengthen the positive relationships we have established.

Corporate Giving

We have been a long-standing supporter of nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations that support community, education, and public service initiatives, including an organization that works to preserve and expand the River Legacy Parks in Arlington, Texas; an organization dedicated to providing access to fundamental breast health services and programming; and an organization dedicated to helping thousands of men, women, and children each year move from the streets into jobs and safe, stable housing. More recently, we have partnered with an organization that provides life skills training necessary for financial, health, and relationship challenges. We have also supported local schools, education programs, and student programs in the communities where we operate.