Leasing Tips

Make sure you know all the facts when considering leasing your minerals.

  • Can the company drill under your property from a drill site they control?
  • Where will the drill site be located?
  • Does the company meet all state and local requirements?
  • How many leases does the company have in your area and what is their track record?
  • Has the company drilled in your area before and have they satisfied the property owners who leased from them?
  • Will the company attempting to lease your property ultimately operate the wells, or will they seek to eventually sell your lease to another operating company?
  • Ask the company for references.

Seek legal advice.

  • It is vitally important to ensure that your legal rights are respected and represented. You have the right to consult with an attorney, and never sign an oil and gas lease without fully understanding all the terms of the agreement.

You are in control.

  • Always remember that you own the mineral rights and do not have to agree to anything that you are uncomfortable with.